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il ghepardo : proud, fearless, swift …

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I chose the cheetah for this blog as a symbol of chasing and living life to the fullest

Cheetah at Sabi Sands, 2006


picture licensed by Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license photo: james temple/312325101/

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August 2013

I am finding that  “living life to the fullest” becomes difficult if not impossible as the years advance. Fortunately I have a treasure-trove of memories to remind me of when life was faster…


Now go to see what valiant people are doing to give the cheetahs a future:

savethecheetahsalviamoighepardi.wordpress.com/   in Italian

http://www.cheetah.org/  in English

Credit: the  Ceetahs Conservation Fund

Credits: the Cheetah Conservation Fund 

“everybody needs someone to love”



Comments on: "il ghepardo : proud, fearless, swift …" (61)

  1. Such a great symbol, Vera. Cheetahs are one of my favorite animals! Greetings from a sunny Germany.


  2. Hello ,You have great style, pleasure to be here, Bless, in free time check my visions, EM :D


  3. The Cheetah is beautiful and proud.


  4. Living life to the fullest and embracing each moment. Your blog is so very inspiring ;)


  5. Your words and way of life inspires me. yes, I want to run like a cheetah too, if not on legs, atleast by heart and spirit. I agree, as we get older, “Living our life to the fullest,” gets harder and happiness more elusive. But I believe, if we are passionate about it, no matter how hard, we need to keep trying. A toast to a life of fulfillment and joy!


  6. Hi Vera, this is a gorgeous photo. I noticed that you have entered it to the challenge. Could I ask you to please add your entry to the “Mr Linky” link here: http://hopethehappyhugger.wordpress.com/2014/04/15/michelles-weekly-pet-challenge-round-up-and-start-of-new-week-32/ My fault, I forgot to close the previous weeks “Mr Linky.” Thank you again for the beautiful entry.


    • No, I did not enter the cheetah photo because I did not take it.
      It comes from Wikipedia Creative Commons.
      And I did NOT YET make an entry on the pet challenge because I have to figure out how it is uploaded to your blog. Maybe you saw the picture of my dog that I posted for Wordless Wednesday? I am confused. Your link takes me to your page and I I do not see how I can enter a picture in there. I did download mr. linky but it does not show on my computer… I’ll check everything out again this afternoon. Bear with me with kind patience…. Thanks, V.


      • Sorry V, I’m also confused now. I saw a new link in the Mr Linky box on the previous weeks Mr Linky (on the bottom part of the post) and assumed that you had entered a post for this week. :)


    • Hi again that great photo of the cheetah is from Wikipedia – so I don’t want to enter it since I did not take it !!!
      I’ll try to do another entry with your logo on the post this afternoon. Thanks again. V.


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