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Thanksgiving morning we went for some fresh air along the Clear Creek path in Golden, CO. The hard cold weather has changed to very bearable temps which are normal for November into December. I am still adjusting to the altitude and I am not yet feeling my best, but I took some snapshots of the place

My son lives in Golden. The city was the original capital of Colorado. It has a gracious downtown that does not look like a tourist destination. It has retained the calm of real life as a small American town with under twenty thousand inhabitants. Coors beer is brewed here with the celebrated alpine waters from the Rockies. Its university is the famous Colorado School of Mines. The streets carry art depicting the history and myths of the place. I particularly liked the cowboy statues, my son prefers the trout fisherman, which is huge, with a very tall rod, pulling-in a large brown trout amid rushing waters captured in bronze.

~ Street art in Golden CO ~

The Clear Creek is now covered with ice left by the bad weather that skirted us earlier, but in Summer it is a white water run for kayakers, rafters, and others adventurous souls. It is not very wide. I was told that at first snow-melt from the high Rockies it can become turbulent, requiring good skills to run it.

Here is a little school house that looks like it came out of a fairy tale book, but it was functional for the City of Golden until the 1950s – of course I do understand that it is a very very long time ago in the U.S. ! ( oh, hum, I come from Europe where nothing is old until 300+ years have passed…). The landscape is all brown in Winter. It becomes green in Summer.

vintage elementary school

vintage elementary school, isn’t it cute?

 here is a log fence that reflects a rustic style of living 

log fence

detail of the rustic fence

detail of the rustic fence

DIGITAL CAMERA a beautiful blue spruce
Winter treea Winter tree slightly enhanced

DIGITAL CAMERAstreet view in residential Golden  

~ this instead is a recent snowfall in Idaho ~
snow in Idaho nov. 2014
my friend Lori’s backyard, November 2014, Eagle, ID

LP © 2014
all other pictures vm © 2014


16 minus 4 …

 That is not second grade arithmetic but the temperature and wind-chill outside at 4:21 p.m. today, November 10.
For those in the Celsius world
temperature:  minus 8.88889; wind chill: minus 20.

Two simple snapshots, from inside my living room.
This is the first approach of Nuri, the so-called Bering Sea Bomb, which is only going to edge by us, while it sends the jet stream into a polar vortex to other parts of the U.S. You will see that in the news.

Nevertheless, the high earlier today was 64 and we were in the low 70s yesterday. Today it is only very light snow, but naturally more cold weather is expected with further snow in the next few days. I will overdress and go outside to take a few more shots if the scenery improves by tomorrow.  

This is my minor report from a Colorado corner. The real thing is on the weather news.  

Update November 16: snow now at 4 inches, temp. still freezing but brilliant sun outside. ( and arthritis acting up…)


vm © 2014

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on Opinionista per caso Viola:
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I am still hassling and dealing with the ins and outs of U-Haul cartons and boxes at my Colorado apartment, so no photos worth posting yet, but NASA gave me these two ideas. 

1 – A one-eyed giant in the solar system

one-eye giant the eye of a space dinosaur?

NOOOH :… An eerie, close-up view of Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system. Hubble was monitoring changes in Jupiter’s immense Great Red Spot (GRS) storm on April 21, 2014, when the shadow of the Jovian moon, Ganymede, swept across the center of the storm. This gave the giant planet the uncanny appearance of having a pupil in the center of a 10,000 mile-diameter “eye.” For a moment, Jupiter “stared” back at Hubble like a one-eyed giant Cyclops.

Text & Image Credit: NASA/ESA/A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center) Caption: Ray Villard, Space Science Telescope Institute Acknowledgment: C. Go and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).

Here is Jupiter in its full power
jupiter eye NASA
neat isn’t it? or should I say ‘cool’ ….


2 – Staying warm in space

YF-12A forebody heater 1971 NASA DFRC EC71-2789 (copy neg)

The Flight Loads Laboratory at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center is celebrating 50 years. It sprang into existence during the era of the X-15 rocket plane and the YF-12 and SR-71 Blackbirds, and was dedicated to testing the latest in high-speed flight.  

In this image from 1971, the YF-12 forebody’s radiant heating system is being tested at the Flight Loads Laboratory under conditions experienced at Mach 3, or three times the speed of sound, over 2,000 miles an hour.

Eventually the entire airframe was tested in the lab, always with the goal to collect data, validate parts and reduce risk to the aircraft and the pilots who flew them. Text & Image credit: NASA 


This simple snapshot through the screen door shows Fall trees right outside my living room
view from sliding glass door~ end of October 2014  ~

vm © 2014

All is green

The green challenge is so appropriate for me !

I am now in Lakewood, Colorado: the Denver area is very green of natural trees and vegetation. The green effect and the continuous open blue skies are the most noticeable difference between this area and the Idaho valley where I lived.  

My back protested fiercely about the thirteen hours of riding thru desert-like heath and moors, full of nothing but very short stubby sage bushes – between Boise in Idaho and Denver in Colorado.  The trip was rather exhausting, but I am now on the mend and resting.  My son came to take me to Colorado, with my two cats, and what boxes / stuff could fit in a truck with a trailer …

We saw very cute and elegant pronghorn antelopes in the southern Wyoming moors. Snow flurries in October slowed us down as we left Wyoming. 

I am living in a cute small apartment full of overflowing packing boxes while I wait for furniture to arrive when my daughter also moves to the Denver area. Very few pieces of my furniture did fit in the trailer. Now, in the meantime, I am trying to imagine how I will creatively set up this new space. Always an interesting idea, to start over again.

As my first return post, for Cee’s challenge, I have gathered a few green color pictures. I hope in the future to be able to go out and snap some shots of where I live and of the landscape. By then only the fir trees will still be green, and there are so many here ! but never mind…

a California buckeye

 a California buckeye that I grew from a  nut found in the Santa Clara Valley hills

most beautiful grass!

tall green grass of Idaho


green lawn with sun streaks in Idaho


an old drawing of mine not unlike the southern Wyoming landscape, except that those moors are all brown

green trees

green tree tops in Idaho in June 

green reflections

green reflections at home in California

green  transparency

green transparency at my son’s home in Colorado

chicken coop

 and this  – believe it or not – is  a chicken coop seen from the terrace


Cee’s green challenge is here

about the American antelope Antilocapra americana


vm © 2014

I am on my last day in Idaho

psychedelic 2014

the past few months felt like this

but now there is some ‘bling’ into future days

bling 2

I leave for Colorado tomorrow. Wish me well!


vm © 2014


Say not the struggle naught availeth 

The title to a poem by Arthur Hugh Clough
1819 – 1861

I take that title as a motto in view of my current struggles. I don’t find the poem itself all to my taste: they wrote that way in the 19th century, but the title is an apt concept for me at this time.

I am in a temporary apartment until the second week in October when my son returns from vacations in Italy and can come to collect me, and my cats, to go to Colorado near Denver. The parting from my daughter and son-in-law was not of the friendliest. We will have to fix that later. I try to take this period as a healing time. Life has a way of turning itself around again and going forth.

RE: Arthur Hugh Clough


Things are happening in my life that interfere with the mind-mood I need to make any posts. Not health related, but changes that I find difficult to handle. When the situations is resolved I’ll be back. In the meantime I’ll follow your blogs and leave comments. This blog will be silent for some time. Thanks everyone for the past response to my posts. Vera

August 17, 2014

I wish to thank all the people who responded with caring thoughts to this post. As I face difficult changes in my life I will remember that – at least in Word Press – I am not alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. V.

♥ ♥ ♥


Still August

Mid-month, what is now happening besides the super-moon and the meteor showers ? (which I have not seen)

~~ not much  ~~

plums and peachesa few freshly picked plums and peaches

maples leaves a maple leaf garland torn off by the wind

transparentsome transparent leaves against the sky 

beyond the fenceand what I see beyond the white picket fence

This is enough, it seems to me for a peaceful Summer afternoon


vm © 2014

A few words on Wednesday

 Whipping cream skies and the young catalpa tree reaching out to them on August 6, 2014

whipping cream

whipping cream

 whipping cream with a hint of vanilla sun
whipping cream with a hint of vanilla sun and a drop of rainbow

young catalpa tree reaches for the sky

the young catalpa tree reaches for the sky

In addition

Some postcards from Rosetta  –  we have seen it on the news – humanity’s embrace to a comet.

ROSETTA COMET: The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe has reached 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and is maneuvering to go into orbit around the comet’s core. This is an historic event. After Rosetta goes into orbit, it will follow the comet around the sun, observing its activity from point-blank range. Moreover, in November, Rosetta will drop a lander onto the comet’s strange surface. ( from NASA Space Weather )

Here is a  gallery of still images  – pretty much “point-blank” –
from the European Space Agency as the probe approaches, far out beyond the whipping cream sky.
(click on each image to see it on screen, larger, and to read the caption)


vm © 2014




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