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I chose the cheetah for this blog as a symbol of chasing and living life to the fullest

Cheetah at Sabi Sands, 2006


Wikipedia image under the CCA 2.0 Generic license
photo: james temple/312325101/

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August 2013

I am finding that  “living life to the fullest” becomes difficult if not impossible as the years advance. Fortunately I have a treasure-trove of memories to remind me of when life was faster… 

updated February 4, 2015

My latest move to Colorado, prompted by family relocation, has proved very tough on me. I have problems related to the altitude, 5674 ft here at Lakewood in the Denver area ( about 1700 m ). I am now on oxygen 24 / 7 and much diminished in energy and mood. As a result this blog is going to slow down considerably. When and if my current practical problems can be at least partially solved, I will probably resume regular blogging. In the meantime there are over 400 posts to visit … ( click on the categories or on the tags to open other posts ).

another update October 25, 2015

My health has not been good since I came to Colorado. Advancing years and arthritis are making my life complicated leaving little energy for blogging any more. As I did earlier, I again ask visitors to review my past activity. I do not know if there will be any further new posts … maybe … It was great while it was going on. I wish to thank all the many visitors that have stopped here and have become friends from afar.


Now go to see what valiant people are doing to give the cheetahs a future:

savethecheetahsalviamoighepardi.wordpress.com/   in Italian

http://www.cheetah.org/  in English

Credit: the Ceetahs Conservation Fund

Credits: the Cheetah Conservation Fund 

“everybody needs someone to love”



welcome to my world-1

Welcome to my world
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Comments on: "il ghepardo : proud, fearless, swift …" (77)

  1. We are glad that you found us. I guess that I should update my ABOUT. We are now 3 Scotties. Sidney is 8.5 years, Shelby 5.5 years, and the newest is Sophie. She is 1.3years old.


    • I have been in love with Scottish Terriers since I was a child. I was finally able to have a Scottie and then another etc. when I bought a house with a garden in California. Now I have reached my older age and I can no longer take care of a dog, let alone a Scottie! So I follow the blogs… I have two cats that keep me company in my little apartment in Colorado. For while when I lived in California I had a 2 Scotties, 3 cats an a number of pet birds. I called it the peaceable kingdom… Thanks for your reply!


  2. Vera, here’s wishing you a speedy acclimation – with pleasant thoughts of your beautiful Piedmont. :)


  3. Sending you well wishes Vera.


  4. beautiful animal.


  5. something great


  6. Je suis passé aussi Véra comme souvent lol


  7. Ti abbraccio.B.


  8. Hopefully your body will adapt and catch up to your brave spirit!

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