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il ghepardo : proud, fearless, swift …

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I chose the cheetah for this blog as a symbol of chasing and living life to the fullest

Cheetah at Sabi Sands, 2006


Wikipedia image under the CCA 2.0 Generic license
photo: james temple/312325101/

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August 2013

I am finding that  “living life to the fullest” becomes difficult if not impossible as the years advance. Fortunately I have a treasure-trove of memories to remind me of when life was faster… 

updated February 4, 2015

My latest move to Colorado, prompted by family relocation, has proved very tough on me. I have problems related to the altitude, 5674 ft here at Lakewood in the Denver area ( about 1700 m ). I am now on oxygen 24 / 7 and much diminished in energy and mood. As a result this blog is going to slow down considerably. When and if my current practical problems can be at least partially solved, I will probably resume regular blogging. In the meantime there are over 400 posts to visit … ( click on the categories or on the tags to open other posts ).


Now go to see what valiant people are doing to give the cheetahs a future:

savethecheetahsalviamoighepardi.wordpress.com/   in Italian

http://www.cheetah.org/  in English

Credit: the  Ceetahs Conservation Fund

Credits: the Cheetah Conservation Fund 

“everybody needs someone to love”



welcome to my world-1

Welcome to my world
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Comments on: "il ghepardo : proud, fearless, swift …" (71)

  1. Je suis passé aussi Véra comme souvent lol


  2. Ti abbraccio.B.


  3. Hopefully your body will adapt and catch up to your brave spirit!

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