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A baby bromeliad

 A small blooming bromeliad has joined my potted plants adding a splash of color to my Winter indoor greenery

here is my new baby


and some other views

Bromeliads are tropical plants that hold water in the central cup where the flower eventually rises. If I am not mistaken, once the bloom fades the plants has to go dormant, then it dies off while it generates side babies. It is rather like the swan song of plants!  I’ll have to go and read about it to learn how to manage this little treasure … I find it rather difficult at home to reproduce the environment of a tropical forest. Any suggestions from die-hard home-plants lovers?


vm (c) 2013

Comments on: "A baby bromeliad" (2)

  1. janetblue said:

    Just beautiful. We no longer do live plants indoors as the kitties tend to eat them. Hugs, Janet


    • I know that one! both my daughters have problems with cats eating house plants but I grow oat grass on a window sill for my three and when they want it, they sit and stare at the grass until I put a pot on the floor. But you know, older cats are calmer than the young devilish ones. They have access to the cat grass by means of a cat tower but it is too crowded on the window sill. And thank god that they do not throw it up!


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